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Therapist a help to Marshall
Chicago Tribune. Published July 2011.

Brandon Marshall, wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, thanks Dr. Marsha Linehan for developing DBT.

Bill would require suicide-risk training for mental-health providers
The Seattle Times. Published July 2011.

A new bill from the state House will require mental-health providers to attend six hours of suicide-risk training every six years.

Getting Out Of Hell: A Suicide-Prevention Therapy That Saved My Life
The Hartford Courant. Published July 2011.

A former DBT client shares what it was like to hear Dr. Marsha Linehan publicly talk about her own past for the first time.

Mental Illness: When A Therapist 'Comes Out'
The Huffington Post. Published July 2011.

Dr. Harold Koplewicz recounts Dr. Marsha Linehan's personal story.

Reassessing Anonymity in 12-Step Programs
NPR: Talk of the Nation. Published July 2011.

Dr. Marsha Linehan comments on the value of anonymity in 12-step programs.

An Introduction to Dr. Marsha Linehan
The NEA for BPD. Published June 2011.

Read the introducton that Martin Bohus, MD, gave Dr. Marsha Linehan at The Institute of Living on July 17, 2011 when she publicly shared her personal story.

The Road To Recovery: Marsha Linehan's Inspiring Example
Psychiatric Times. Published June 2011.

Allen Francis, MD, writes about Dr. Marsha Linehan's story.

Expert on Mental Illness Reveals Her Own Fight
The New York Times. Published June 2011.

Dr. Marsha Linehan: "So many people have begged me to come forward, and I just thought — well, I have to do this. I owe it to them."

Science and Service Awards
SAMHSA. Published November 2010.

Congratulations to InterAct of Michigan, Inc for receiving the 2010 SAMHSA Co-Occurring Disorders Science and Service Award.

The Forgotten Patients
Forbes. Published September 2010.

This article discusses the fear surrounding suicidal patients in the mental health industry and how some researchers are trying to fix that.