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Accessing Your Account
Online Training
Connecting to a Webinar Event
Connecting to Your Consultation Team Meeting


Accessing Your Account

View troubleshooting tips for your Behavioral Tech account.

How To Create a BTECH Account


Online Training

There has been an important update made to our recommended and preferred browser Mozilla Firefox. We recommend that you go to the Mozilla site: and perform the upgrade as soon as possible. By default Firefox is set to automatically update itself but you can always do a manual update — and in this particular case we recommend that is exactly what you do.

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How to Sign In to Online Training

How to Use a Course Key

How to Print Your CE or CME Letter

Update Adobe Flash Player

Agency Administrators: Pull Staff Progress Reports

DBT Validation Principles & Strategies

When I launch my course in Internet Explorer, I see a blue screen (and I already completed my pre-assessment).


Connecting to an Online DBT Team Meeting

Participants of the DBT Team Building Intensive Program use either WebEx or VSee to connect to Learning Community sessions and weekly consultation team meetings.


You will need a strong connection to the Internet with sufficient bandwidth to facilitate online meetings for learning communities and consultation team meetings. Go here to test your computer and Internet connection with the WebEx meeting software and ensure your setup is adequate.

Connect to a WebEx Meeting (walkthrough with screenshots)


1. Download and Install VSee

2. Find, Add, and Call Contacts

3. Trouble Shooting VSee