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Walking Like Buffalo

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Why Mindfulness? Why would an approach borrowed from Zen and Christian mysticism become essential to DBT? Walking Like Buffalo is taken directly from some of Marsha Linehan’s seminars in San Francisco (March 2003) and Denver (July 2002).
Using humor and personal anecdotes, Marsha recounts her personal search for mindfulness and her early attempts to teach mindfulness to a group of chronically suicidal BPD clients. Now, based on a personal journey lasting more than 20 years, Linehan guides you step-by-step through key mindfulness skills and the essential components of a formal mindfulness practice.

"So the point that I'm making is this: Mindfulness is a practice that opens the person to an experience of acceptance that then opens you. It's a practice that in itself is not religious, nor spiritual actually, but that is designed to bring you into a practice of radical acceptance of the moment. And that's really what the mindfulness skills are all about."

Tracks included:
Track 1: Walking Like Buffalo: Reflections on Mindfulness and DBT
Track 2: The Difference Between Meditation and Mindfulness
Track 3: DBT Core Mindfulness Skills: An Overview
Track 4: Six Mindfulness Skills: The Whats and the Hows
Track 5: Mindfulness Instructions and Practice

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ISBN: 0971083770
Format: Audio CD
Length: 57 minutes

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