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The Wise Movement

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The Wise Movement puts to music the DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Skills you need to live with reality “as it is”. Mind & Soul go through the skills for surviving crisis, living in the moment and accepting reality. Take the time, listen and learn and help yourself obtain a life worth living. “The Wise Movement” is a hip hop sound track geared towards adolescents.

When I'm distressed I use survival strategies
To conquer the crisis I do activities-
Like working out or talking on the phone
Cooking a meal or writing a poem
Along the way I make a contribution...

Tracks included:
Track 1: Skillz
Track 2: How! What?
Track 3: ACCEPTS
Track 4: Sensory Survival
Track 5: The Moment
Track 6: Waging the War "Pro's & Con's"
Track 7: Mindful Breathing
Track 8: Half Smile
Track 9: Awareness
Track 10: The Basic Principles of Accepting Reality

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Produced By: Behavioral Tech, LLC
ISBN: 0-9748242-9-1
Format: Audio CD
Length: 36 minutes

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