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Participating and Becoming

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Live recordings taken from Dr. Linehan’s mindfulness exercises at the Seattle DBT Intensive 2004-2005, Part II, Day 3. We have kept these recordings as authentic as possible with very few edits and cuts to allow you the experience of sitting in training with the developer of Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
This CD, day 3 of 4, focuses on the "What" Skill of Participating.

Tracks included:
Track 1: Idea of Participation
Track 2: Getting From Observing to Participating
Track 3: Shalom
Track 4: A-O-M
Track 5: How Does it Look in My Team?
Track 6: Laugh Club
Track 7: Participating Exercises
Track 8: Importance of Skills Group Integration

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Produced By: Behavioral Tech, LLC
ISBN: 0-9745002-6-7
Format: Audio CD
Length: 55 minutes

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