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Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, $80.00

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For the average clinician, clinic, or inpatient facility, individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) often represent the most difficult and insoluble cases. Following several randomized clinical trials, Dialectical Behavior Therapy® is recognized as the most effective treatment available for BPD. This groundbreaking volume remains a standard reference for Dialectical Behavior Therapy®. With its companion text, Linehan's (2014) DBT® Skills Training Manual: Second Edition, this volume is an invaluable resource for all professionals who work with this difficult-to-treat population.

This book is recommended reading for all of Behavioral Tech's trainings and is required reading for the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Intensive Training Course © and for the Five-Day Foundational DBT Training Course.

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Authors: Marsha M. Linehan
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 978-0-89862-183-6

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