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ABC's of Human Behavior: Behavioral Principles for the Practicing Clinician

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If you've been practicing for a while, classical behaviorism my not have been a major part of your clinical education. In order to broaden your understanding of learning theory and make the best use of the newer psychotherapies, you need to revisit basic behavioral principles from a practical angle.

The ABC's of Human Behavior offers you, the practicing clinician, a solid and practical introduction to the basics of modern behavioral psychology. The book focuses both on the classical principles of learning as well as more recent developments that explain language and cognition in behavioral and contextual terms. These principles are not just discussed in the abstract - rather, the book shows how the principles of learning apply in a clinical context. Practical and easy to read, the book walks you through both commonsense and clinical examples that will help you use behavioral principles to observe, explain, and influence behavior in a clinical setting.

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Authors: Jonas Ramnerö and Niklas Törneke
Publisher: New Harbinger Press
ISBN: 978-1572245389
Format: paperback
Length: 240 pages

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