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Problem Solving Therapy: A Positive Approach to Clinical Intervention, 3rd Ed.

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In this new updated edition, authors Thomas J. D'Zurilla and Arthur M. Nezu, present some of the most useful advances in problem-solving therapy (PST) today. An excellent resource for maximizing positive patient outcomes, this all-inclusive guide helps enhance your problem solving skills and apply successful clinical techniques to help your clients improve their lives. Known for its presentation of solid research results and effective PST training tools, this best-selling guide has been fully updated to include: * NEW research data on social problem solving and adjustment * NEW studies on the efficacy of PST * NEW social problem solving models * NEW updated and more user-friendly therapist's training manual Written for a wide audience, from therapists and counselors to psychologists and social workers, this highly readable and practical reference is a must-have guide to helping your patients identify and resolve current life problems. The book set is designed to be read alongside its informal "manual" accompaniment, Solving Life's Problems: A 5-Step Guide to Enhanced Well-Being by D'Zurilla, Nezu, and Christine Maguth Nezu.

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Authors: Thomas D'Zurilla, Ph.D., Arthur M. Nezu, Ph.D., ABPP
Publisher: Springer Publishing Co.
ISBN: 978-0826114884
Format: Paperback

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