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Featured Books

Books Commonly Used in DBT Training

These are the books that we recommend reading at the start of your training in DBT. They include Dr. Linehan’s original book on CBT of Borderline Personality Disorder, the Skills Training Manual, DBT with Suicidal Adolescents, DBT in Clinical Practice, and Don’t Shoot the Dog. If you are planning to attend a Behavioral Tech training, please consult the Details Page of the training you are interested in to see which of these books we recommend reading before you attend a training.

Other Useful Reference Books for Clinicians

These are books that, while they may not talk about DBT specifically, are useful references for clinicians who are using DBT, or who want to learn more about Mindfulness-based treatments and CBT.

Books That are Useful for Clients and their Friends and Family

These are books that are written for non-clinicians on a variety of related topics.

Treatments That Work Series (Oxford University Press)

These are manual and client workbook sets for other evidence-based treatments.

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