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Increase Your Confidence in Treating Clients
who are Suicidal

Implement and document best practice techniques for suicide risk assessment and management.

The core component of the Linehan Suicide Saftey Net is the Linehan Risk Assessment and Management Protocol (LRAMP), an evidence-based protocol developed by University of Washington professor Dr. Marsha Linehan.

Key Features


$239 for 12-month subscription

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Research Support

LSSN has been evaluated in a 3-month open trial by 44 mental health professionals from diverse disciplines and practice settings.

The main findings of the trial showed that LSSN was highly acceptable to clinicians, with 100% of testers rating it as somewhat to very valuable to their clinical practice. The program also received above-average usability ratings.

The study also found that using LSSN was associated with increased clinician confidence in their ability to effectively assess and manage suicide risk. Using the program also decreased clinician concerns about treating suicidal clients, including fears of suicide-related litigation, making clinical errors, and having insufficient training to be competent.

Supported Technology Platforms

The Linehan Suicide Safety Net is a browser-based program which will work on any smart phone, tablet, or computer that has connection to the Internet.

What People are Saying about LSSN

Skip Simpson, JD, nationally recognized expert in suicide law

Mental health professionals have a duty to assess their patients' suicide risk and, when a patient is at risk, to act to prevent suicide. Failure to properly assess and manage suicide risk — as well as to document this process — greatly increases the risk of being found liable in a suicide-related lawsuit. The [Linehan] Suicide Safety Net provides mental health professionals with a thorough and evidence-based method of documenting the suicide risk assessment and management process. My advice to any lawyer who may consider suing a clinician who faithfully uses Suicide Safety Net would be to decline the case, as the lawyer will likely lose. Good documentation stops a lawyer in their tracks and Suicide Safety Net does an excellent job of documenting the clinician's thinking and proving a mindful approach to suicide prevention.

Matthew, Owner and Clinician in Private Practice, San Luis Obispo, CA

I love the way it goes into every detail of how the suicide assessment was done. It helps me learn for the next time, what to look out for and what to consider. It makes me feel confident that I'm documenting suicide assessment properly.

Social Worker in Private Practice, Lakewood, NJ

[LSSN is] clear, simply laid out, well integrated, [has] good flow, [and] covers essentials of suicide risk management really well.


Samantha, Therapist in Private Practice, Shaker Heights, OH

Documentation Support! [It's] educational and [a] good clinical guide. I have learned so much just using it in terms of my own thinking and broadening my awareness of all the things I already do and some things I haven't been doing. It is a wonderful resource to clients and clinicians alike.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Private Practice, Portland, OR

[I liked] that all the team members can view your crisis plan and that you can access the program remotely from home if a client is in crisis.