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DBT® Certification

DBT Certification is available through the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC), a non-profit organization whose purpose is to develop certification standards for clinicians and DBT programs in order to promote the availability of competently delivered, effective DBT. It is also the one and only, treatment-developer-approved DBT Certification program in the US.

Launched in 2014, the DBT-LBC certification program evaluates individual providers' DBT skills, knowledge, and abilities in order to determine if they are doing DBT from the evidence-based perspective. The DBT-LBC will use the results to develop a registry of certified DBT therapists, and eventually, DBT programs. Clients and their families, mental health professionals, governmental agencies, and insurance companies can use this list to find highly qualified DBT providers.

Visit the DBT-LBC website for full information about DBT Certification, including all the information you need to prepare, apply, and track the entire process. DBT-LBC is now accepting applications for the certification of individual therapists, and certification of DBT programs is expected in 2015.

"As I've often been known to say, this is simply fabulous! I hope you will do what it takes to offer your clients the reassurance that you truly know how to do DBT from the evidence-based perspective. Certification is a major accomplishment to that end."
Marsha M. Linehan, PhD, ABPP

Preparing for DBT® Certification

As the training organization founded by DBT treatment developer Dr. Marsha M. Linehan, Behavioral Tech (BTECH) is uniquely positioned to assist individual therapists and other treatment providers in their preparation for DBT Certification through DBT-LBC. Expand the sections below to learn how BTECH's continuum of offerings can help you prepare to meet DBT-LBC certification requirements.

DBT-Related Educational/Training Experiences

DBT-LBC requires 40 didactic training hours specific to DBT.

Clinical Experience in DBT

DBT-LBC requires work sample review.

DBT Team Experiences

DBT-LBC requires a total of 12 months of participation in one or more DBT Consultation Teams and current participation on a DBT Team.

DBT Skills Knowledge/Experience

DBT-LBC requires three items in the domain of DBT skills knowledge/expertise.


DBT-LBC requires completion of a written exam.

Work Product Demonstration

DBT-LBC requires case conceptualization and three videos demonstrating your work.

Mindfulness Experience

DBT-LBC requires a mindfulness retreat and/or at least one formal training in mindfulness.

Support the competent delivery of effective DBT

A dedicated group of hardworking volunteers created the DBT-LBC and helps sustain the fruits of those labors in the DBT-LBC website and the execution of the certification process.

You can help, too. How? Make a financial contribution to support the activities and funding needs that can't be covered by volunteers.

Your tax-deductible contribution through the Linehan Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, will be forwarded to the certification efforts of the DBT-LBC. Click here to make a donation today!