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Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills with Multi-Problem Adolescents: Skills Updates, Teaching Strategies, and Engaging Teens and Caregivers

Level 4

Location: Garden City, NY — hosted by Adelphi University

Date(s): January 26-27, 2017
Trainer: Jill Rathus, PhD

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Training Description

One of the most important developments in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) over the past decade is the adaptation of DBT for adolescents with multiple problems who are at high risk for suicidal and self-injurious behavior. DBT for adolescents was developed by Drs. Alec Miller, Jill Rathus, and Marsha Linehan to address the complex and unique challenges that arise during treatment with these adolescents and their families. In this training you will learn about DBT skills training with teens and their families. The trainers will provide an overview of the adaptations made to standard DBT to address the needs of adolescents and their families, including a particular focus on multi-family skills training classes and the latest DBT skills for adolescents and their caregivers. Strategies for bringing DBT principles to skills training, engaging teens and caregivers, and group management will be provided. Ample demonstrations, experiential exercises, and role plays will help illustrate workshop content.

Training Objectives

  • Describe the adaptations made to standard DBT to address the needs of adolescents and their families.
  • Learn how to teach DBT skills to teens and their caregivers.
  • Become familiar with the latest updates to DBT skills for teens and parents.
  • Learn how to manage multi-family group using DBT strategies.


Jill Rathus, PhD

Jill Rathus, Ph.D., (PhD Stony Brook, BA Cornell), is Professor of Psychology at Long Island University/CW Post Campus in Brookville, New York where she directs the DBT Clinical Research Training Program. She is also Co-Founder and Co-Director of Cognitive Behavioral Associates in Great Neck, New York, where she runs the Adolescent DBT program. Dr. Rathus' has published six books and dozens of articles specializing in DBT for adolescents, adolescent suicidality, assessment, CBT, anxiety disorders, and relationship distress. She co-developed the adaptation of DBT for Adolescents, co-authored the primary texts on adolescent DBT, DBT with Suicidal Adolescents (2007), and DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents (2015, both Guilford Press), serves as a DBT trainer for Behavioral Tech, and teaches mental health professionals internationally.


This workshop is hosted by Adelphi University. Participants can learn more and register on the Adelphi University website.