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Four levels of training help you navigate the process of learning DBT. If you have any questions, please contact us. Visit our event calendar to sign up for DBT training.

If you don't see a scheduled event that meets your needs, don't worry. We regularly work with agencies and large organizations to develop training programs that complement their unique needs. We offer agencies the flexibility of choosing a private training format or partnering with us to co-host one of our standard trainings that is also open to the public. By providing a venue and other support for a Behavioral Tech training, co-hosting agencies have a cost-effective option to bring our training directly to their staff.

We also work with large systems — public and private — to implement and train their care providers across a continuum of care. Learn more about our implementation model.

Level 1 — Introductory

Our Level 1 options are intended for practitioners who are interested in learning more about Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and assessing if DBT is right for their practice and their clients. The videos and courses in Level 1 introduce important components of the treatment and are appropriate for clinicians new to DBT.

Level 2 — Essentials

Level 2 options address the essentials of behavior therapy, DBT, and other treatments. These courses are appropriate for clinicians and providers at every stage of professional development. Choose from flexible formats that include in-person training, online courses, and on-demand videos.

Level 3 — Comprehensive Training in Standard DBT

Level 3 trainings are the best choice for individuals and teams who seek in-depth training to start a DBT program or train new members. These options also meet criteria for DBT certification and are required for anyone interested in Level 4 training.

Level 4 — Advanced Training and Adaptations

Level 4 trainings allow experienced DBT therapists — those who have completed Level 3 training and provide DBT in their clinical work — to advance and sustain their DBT knowledge. Learn how to adapt DBT for specific client populations or choose an advanced training designed to address the needs of seasoned DBT clinicians. Advanced trainings are led by world-renowned DBT experts who have pioneered clinical adaptations and research in highly requested, specialized content.

Options Appropriate at Every Level