Ahmed M. Abdelkarim, MD

Cairo, Egypt
Dr. Ahmed Abdelkarim, MD is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Lecturer of Psychiatry at Alexandria University in Egypt. He received his Masters degree and PhD in psychiatry from Alexandria University in Egypt in addition to doing a short term fellowship at the BRTC at the University of Washington in the United States under the supervision of Prof. Marsha Linehan. Dr. Abdelkarim is the founder and leader of DBT Egypt, the first dialectical behavior therapy center in the Arab region. He has been an ambassador of the Linehan Institute in Egypt and the Middle East since 2018. His main areas of expertise are dual diagnosis and psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder, emotional dysregulation, substance use disorders, and suicidal patients.  He has presented at many local and international conferences and was awarded the Prof. Yahia El Rakhawy award for best psychotherapy case presentation in Egypt in 2015 and the Okasha Award for The Best Young Psychiatry Researcher in Egypt offered by the Middle East Journal of Psychiatry in 2018.