LSSN Product FAQs

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How secure is Linehan Suicide Safety Net?

Read more about the security features of Linehan Suicide Safety Net.

I live outside the US. Can I purchase Linehan Suicide Safety Net?

LSSN was developed for use within the United States and has been reviewed for compliance with United States health data protection requirements (e.g., HIPAA). Use outside of the US may not be in compliance with local standards. Anyone looking to purchase LSSN is encouraged to review any security standards that might apply to their place of business, or as required by their local jurisdiction.

What happens if my agency paid for an employee’s subscription and that employee no longer works for the agency?

In the event that an agency purchases one or more LSSN licenses and a staff member’s employment is terminated by the agency or the employee, Behavioral Tech will deactivate that account upon request. If desired, an agency can have a new employee create a new account, and then request Behavioral Tech to activate pro-rated access for that account (i.e., the remainder of the subscription that was paid for on the pre-existing account will be applied to the new account).

Does Linehan Suicide Safety Net integrate with my electronic medical records system?

This version of Suicide Safety Net does not include the capacity to integrate with existing electronic medical record systems. We plan on incorporating this feature into future versions.

The LRAMP was developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan and her copyright on the material does not allow entities to integrate it in EHR systems at this time. A hard copy of the LRAMP is available for download via the Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinic website and through a subscription for LSSN. Agencies can export PDFs from LSSN and attach files in their own EHR systems, but cannot integrate the LRAMP assessment directly into the system.