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Administering Groups

Download Mozilla Firefox

Our online training courses require the use of Mozilla Firefox, which provides the best user experience to access our courses.

  1. You can download Mozilla Firefox from the Mozilla website. Click “Free Download.”
  2. Click “Save File.”
  3. Once the download has complete, double-click the file to start the install process. When asked if you want to allow the program to make changes on your system, click “yes.” Follow the Firefox prompts to install the browser on your computer.
  4. Once the install is complete, launch Firefox and proceed to updating your Flash Player within Firefox.

Update Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player tool will likely need to be updated several times during your online training experience. We apologize for this inconvenience. The updates are driven by online security concerns and are released by Adobe whenever they feel a security patch is necessary. Your online training course will often not work at all if you need to update to the newest version of Adobe Flash Player. It is critical that you make sure you are always using the latest version of Flash Player.

  1. You can download or update to the latest version of Flash Player from the Adobe website.
  2. Make sure to deselect the optional offers.
  3. Click “Install Now.”
  4. Wait for it to initialize.
  5. If prompted, close any Mozilla Firefox windows that are open.
  6. Click “Save File.”
  7. Once the download has complete, double-click the file to start the install process. When asked if you want to allow the program to make changes on your system, click “yes.” Follow the Adobe prompts to Flash Player within Firefox.

Sign in to online training

  1. Make sure you are using Firefox and that Flash Player is up-to-date within Firefox. See instructions above.
  2. Log in to your account on the Behavioral Tech website.
  3. Click on the link that says, “Online Training.”
  4. Click on the pink button that says “Go to Online Learning.” A new tab will open, and you will be automatically logged into the online training system.

    NOTE: If you see the following screen when you click the pink “Go to Online Learning” button, it means the passwords are not synced between the two systems. This can be remedied by resetting your password in your account.
  5. Navigate to the “My Learning” section if you have not completed your course.

  6. If your course is completed or expired, it will appear under the Completed/Expired tab.
  7. Click “Launch” and then launch the specific section of the course on which you are working. Finally, push “Click to Launch.”
  8. You may need to allow pop-ups on your system. A light-yellow ribbon will appear on the top of your browser screen. Click options, and then select, “Allow pop-ups for”
  9. If you are working on the DBT Skills Training course, click the “DBT Skills” link on the left.
  10. When you are finished working on the course, click the “Exit” button to save your progress.

Save an electronic copy or print your CE letter of completion

Your letter of completion will become available when you complete all the learning components of your online training course.

  1. To print your letter, log in to the online training system. Navigate to My Learning and then to the Completed/Expired tab.
  2. Click “Launch” next to your completed course.
  3. Click “Launch” next to the Letter of Completion for your course. Click “Click to Launch.”
  4. The letter of completion will open in a new window. Select the type of continuing education you need from the dropdown menu and enter your credentials. Click Submit.
  5. Push “Ctrl” and “P” on your Windows computer or “Command” and “P” on your Mac. Select your printing preferences and print. You can also select to save the page as a PDF.

Additional troubleshooting for a course that is not working

If your course still isn’t working after you have updated Flash, here are some additional things to try. Note — the course only works in Firefox, so opening it in other browsers will not help.

  • Check for any Firefox updates. Install updates and restart Firefox if needed.
  • Refresh Firefox settings — this will restore Firefox to default settings (note: you will need to allow pop-ups again after you go through this process).
  • Uninstall and reinstall Firefox.

How to use a course key

We use course keys to help administrators distribute online training licenses to members of their staff. The customer who places the online training order will receive a course key as part of their order confirmation email.

Once you have a course key, follow these instructions to activate one license.

  1. Log in to your Behavioral Tech customer account. If you do not have an account, please create one.
  2. Navigate to the Online Training section of your account.
  3. Paste your course key into the text box under “Use a Course Key to Add a Course.”
  4. Once you have received a confirmation message, click on the “Go to Online Learning” button, at the top of the Online Training page in your account.

How to pull a student or staff progress report as a group administrator

Our staff at Behavioral Tech can set up agency administrators with ability to review the progress staff members are making through their courses. If you do not currently have this access and would like it, please contact us at to let us know.

Please provide the course key you distributed to your staff members – this will allow us to look up their accounts and add them to the report you can create.

To view staff progress:

  1. Sign in to your online training.
  2. Click the My Admin View
  3. Click the Reports
  4. Then click the Transcripts
  5. Leave the By Hierarchy Level bubble selected. The hierarchies you have access to will appear under Customer Accounts, Agencies. Expand those by clicking the + symbol and select the check box next to your agency. Then click Select Students.
  6. Select the individual staff member or choose Select All to get the transcript for the appropriate person or people.
  7. Click View Transcript.
  8. You can scroll through each staff member’s transcript completion, as well as print out the report at the bottom.