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Address 1: Canadá 177
Address 2: Colonia San Lucas
City: Mexico City
ZIP Code: 04030
Programs: Outpatient
Population: Adults
Young Adults
Members who completed BTECH/UW BRTC training: • José Angel Ramírez, MD (2018 Intensive – Puebla, Mexico)
• Cointa Arroyo Jimenez, MSCP (2018 Intensive – Puebla, Mexico)
• Claudia Erika Ramirez Avila, MSCP (2018 Intensive – Puebla, Mexico)
• Azahalea Sarai Sanchez Morales, MSCP (2018 Intensive – Puebla, Mexico)
• Alejandra Marcela Castellanos Espinoza, MSCP (2018 Intensive – Puebla, Mexico)