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We help administrators and leaders who seek to use DBT within their agency or system of care. Whether you’re hearing about DBT for the first time, or your organization is ready to adopt DBT in the near future, we’ll be there throughout the process.

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Implementing DBT in Systems

Research shows that DBT is effective at treating a range of behaviors and can be cost effective, yet it can be difficult to affect change on a large scale.

We have extensive experience in helping large systems implement DBT, including DBT in private systems of care, hospital systems, correctional settings, juvenile residential treatment centers, and other county and state systems. Our program implementation model is based on the latest data from the field of implementation science, and we use these principles to guide our recommendations. We will work with you to understand the full picture of your patients’ challenges, your program’s goals, and staff training needs so we can recommend the right combination of services to implement and sustain your DBT program.

Administrator FAQs

Cost Effectiveness of DBT

Starting a DBT Program

Suicide Risk Assessment & Management

Training in Suicide Risk Assessment & Management
Assessing and managing patients’ suicide risk is a critical part of professional interventions. We offer instructor-led training specific to suicide risk assessment and management, as well as an online tool providers can use to document the assessment and management process. Contact us at to bring this training to your agency.

Our suicide prevention trainings are approved by the Washington State Department of Health and are on the Model List of three-hour and six-hour courses for healthcare professionals.