Behavioral Interventions in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, 2nd Edition


Practical Guidance for Putting Theory into Action

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Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) dominates lists of evidence-based treatments and is increasingly used by front-line clinicians. Behavioral methods, such as self-monitoring, behavioral activation, behavioral experiments, exposure therapy, and skills training, are core features of CBT. In fact, some studies suggest that these are among the primary active ingredients in CBT.

In this detailed, step-by-step guide, Farmer and Chapman show readers how to put behavioral theory and science into action. They discuss case formulation and treatment planning, core behavioral intervention strategies, and innovative approaches, such as acceptance, mindfulness, and a behavioral approach to cognition. Flexible and useful across different client populations, the behavioral interventions described here leave room for therapists to be respectful of their clients’ unique needs and individuality.

Using case examples, the authors demonstrate how to generate case formulations, apply interventions, respond to common problems, navigate termination, and help clients to generalize treatment gains beyond therapy. The behavioral framework they describe is practical and accessible to clinicians and students with varying degrees of behavioral training.

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