Don’t Shoot the Dog!


The New Art of Teaching and Training

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“Whatever the task, whether keeping a four-year-old quiet in public, housebreaking a puppy, coaching a team, or memorizing a poem, it will go fast, and better, and be more fun, if you know how to use reinforcement.”
-Karen Pryor

Karen Pryor clearly explains the underlying principles of behavior training, and through numerous fascinating examples, reveals how this philosophy can be applied to virtually any common situation. Best of all, she tells how to do it without yelling, threats, force, punishment, guilt trips–or shooting the dog. She offers:

  • 8 methods for putting an end to all kinds of undesirable behavior.
  • 10 laws of “shaping” behavior–for results without strain or pain through “affection training.”
  • How to combat your own addictions to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, overeating or whatever, how to deal with such difficult problems as a moody spouse, an impossible teen, or an aged parent. House training the dog, improving your tennis game, and much more!

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Karen Pryor




Bantam Books, Inc.; Revised edition (August 3, 1999)


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