TTW: Reclaiming Your Life from a Traumatic Experience (Client Workbook)


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If you’ve experienced a traumatic event and are having trouble moving past feelings of fear and helplessness, you may be suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This workbook will help you overcome your PTSD and reclaim your life.

Best used in combination with treatment by a mental health professional, this workbook will help you work through your PTSD regardless of the type of trauma you’ve experienced. Whether you have been in a motor vehicle accident, or are a veteran of combat, or have been the victim of a physical or sexual assault, the program outlined in this book will reduce your anxiety and distress. You will learn to face the memories of your trauma, while processing your emotions about the event using a scientifically-tested and proven technique called Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE).

Instead of avoiding or escaping situations that provoke anxiety, you will learn how to confront these situations and begin to reevaluate your feelings and beliefs to think differently about what happened to you. You will participate in exposure exercises where you will face the memories of your trauma, as well as any real-life situations that bring about feelings of fear in a step-by-step controllable way. Breathing retraining exercises will keep you calm and relaxed. As time goes on and you practice these exercises, you will notice a marked decrease in your levels of anxiety.

Complete with information on PTSD, as well as case examples, self-assessment tools, and homework assignments, Reclaiming Your Life from a Traumatic Experience, Workbook is an invaluable tool on the road to recovery.

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