From Suffering to Freedom Through Acceptance

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A series of Mindfulness meditations guided by Marsha Linehan for everyday use whether you’re in team, in traffic, or when you get home after a really hard day. 2-disc set.

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This set focuses on mindfulness as a means to acceptance and a release from suffering. Each track includes a description of the mindfulness exercise followed by 5 minutes of silent practice time. Marsha rings a bell three times when you’re to start each practice and once again to conclude.

Tracks included:

Disc One

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Awareness Will Set You Free

Track 3: Counting Practice

Track 4: Observing Sound

Track 5: Just This Breath

Track 6: Watching Your Mind

Disc Two

Track 1: Turning the Mind

Track 2: Letting Go of Anger

Track 3: Simply Mindfulness

Track 4: When Tragedy Falls… This Moment

Track 5: Wise Mind


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1 review for From Suffering to Freedom Through Acceptance

  1. This DVD set is worth its weight in gold and then some. In the first year I had it, I learned more and improved more than I had in the previous 16+ years of therapy and medication. While I do not have DBT, I do have dysthymia with major bouts of depression plus some emotional disregulation. I wish every elementary school out there provided this type of training to their students (and parents!).

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