Putting Your Worries on a Shelf


This is a wonderful opportunity to be guided through a short and long progressive relaxation and a sensory awareness relaxation by Dr. Linehan.

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This CD affords you the opportunity to listen to Dr. Linehan explain the importance of relaxation.
The process of learning how to relax through progressive relaxation can be useful; not only at home when you have set aside time to use these techniques, but also how to use these techniques during situations in everyday life when you are feeling agitated, frustrated, or angry.

“Take your worries, take your concerns and put them on a shelf. You can take them right back down as soon as your are relaxed.”

Tracks included:

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Reasons for Practicing Relaxation

Track 3: Preparation for Five Minute Progressive Relaxation

Track 4: Five Minute Relaxation

Track 5: Progressive Relaxation Discussion

Track 6: Preparation for Long Progressive Relaxation

Track 7: Long Progressive Relaxation

Track 8: Sensory Awareness Relaxation


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