Behavioral Tech Institute prides itself in providing the highest quality training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy available. We can only offer this to you by providing the most experienced and trainers & consultants in the field of DBT. We honor each one of these individuals for their efforts and dedication to DBT and other empirically-based treatments.

Izmir, Türkiye


Dmitrii Pushkarev, M.D., Ph.D., is a co-founder and the Chief of DBT training at BE Company, a training company located in Turkey and determined to provide evidence-based treatments training, including DBT Intensive Training™, for Russian-speaking professionals internationally. He serves as the leader of the DBT section of the Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapists in Russia (EABCT), and is a member of the Board of the Russian Association of DBT therapists. Since 2020 he is a Trainer with Behavioral Tech Institute.

Dr. Pushkarev completed his medical and psychiatric training at Sechenov University in Moscow and completed a post-doctoral residency where he received his training in cognitive behavioral therapy. In 2015, in response to the need for evidence-based treatment for suicidal behavior in his home country, he formed the first DBT Team in Russia and invited Behavioral Tech and the Linehan Institute to provide DBT Intensive Training™ to his and other teams. He and his colleagues have developed a DBT-Skills self-study program to help teams prepare for training and to disseminate DBT in Russia and throughout the post-Soviet states. Currently Dr. Pushkarev is a Chief of an international DBT training program within BE Company (Izmir, Turkey).