BTech Trained Teams

BTECH provides a list of teams with at least one member comprehensively trained by BTECH or its Affiliates. Only members who have completed training through these organizations are listed. Listing is voluntary and does not include all persons who have been through the comprehensive DBT trainings offered by these organizations.

The list is a resource, not an endorsement, of providers.

BTECH does not certify DBT programs, nor does it make specific referrals. In addition to this resource list, you may wish to consult other resources including your healthcare provider or other trusted professionals, your local psychological or psychiatric association, local university psychology or psychiatry departments, or your local chapter of the alliance for the mentally ill (NAMI). Inquire into the credentials of any practitioner before choosing a therapist.

You may also search for people certified in DBT through the DBT Linehan Board of Certification. Go to the DBT-LBC directory. BTECH does not certify therapists, and the DBT Linehan Board of Certification is an independent entity.

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