Services for Agencies & Systems


We would love to work with your team to bring DBT training to your agency. Be sure to fill out the form here to tell us more about your needs so we can customize a plan that will work best for you!

Services for agencies and systems<br />

Our implementation experience includes:

  • Public and private hospitals
  • Public and private mental health centers
  • Substance use treatment centers
  • Correctional and forensic settings
  • Adolescent treatment settings
  • University graduate programs
  • Extensive experience training in non-English speaking settings
  • Statewide and large scale systems


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Plus, we would be happy to talk to you directly about a specific training plan that meets the needs of your agency.

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DBT has been shown to improve patient outcomes AND reduce treatment costs. For these two reasons alone, there is value for health systems and agencies to consider DBT training.

DBT enables agencies to better target the needs of patients and clients. As a principle-driven treatment, DBT provides a flexible framework in which to treat persons with complex, severe disorders.

Read more about the effectiveness of DBT here!


There is considerable evidence that standard outpatient DBT reduces the overall cost of mental health treatment. The results of a systematic review (Botanov, Y. (2015), p.1) of studies examining the costs of DBT found the following:

  • Overall, DBT is associated with about a 40% reduction in mental health treatment costs.
  • The most pronounced cost savings are due to about a 70% reduction in inpatient treatment costs ($25,000 per person).
  • After accounting for all mental health treatment costs, the total cost savings across trials was almost $20,000 per person.


For more information about how DBT reduces overall treatment costs, here are two resources worth reading:



One of the core components of success for us is designing an effective training model. We actively attend to the science of implementation and use these principles to guide our recommendations. We help you get started by outlining key strategies for starting a DBT program in a larger mental health system, such as:

  • How to get administrative support
  • Building your program goals
  • Selecting training components for your implementation
  • Sustaining your DBT program

Although we have a variety of training options, private trainings are usually more cost-effective for groups of 30 or more. We can customize training for your goals and timeline to accommodate your agency’s needs.

Whether your goal is raising the level of staff clinical skills, building a continuum of care for a specific client population, or responding to the demands of a licensing or legal entity, we will work with you to design an effective training and implementation model. Based on your goals and budget, we will tailor a training plan that may include onsite orientation, strategic planning, Dialectical Behavior Therapy Intensive Training, supplemental training, and/or consultation.

Our experience with diverse agencies and systems allows us to work with you to assess the challenges affecting your program and develop a plan for overcoming programmatic and training issues.