DBT Changes Lives

Are you or your team interested in learning more about Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

DBT changes lives and has an impact for clients, therapists, and systems. Our team has worked hard to create a series of materials that you can explore to learn more about DBT and the value that DBT has in your practice. Included in this package of materials is:

  • Our “DBT Changes Lives” brochure that offers facts and figures at a glance that show the impact of DBT.
  • “A Call to Action: The Need to Increase Access to Treatment” – This feature from Tony DuBose, PsyD and Yevgeny Botanov, PhD takes stock of the state of the field, both in terms of achievements as well as taking a look at how to raise the bar for the future.
  • “Staying Balanced When Treating Patients at Risk for Suicide” – This feature from Laurence Y. Katz, MD addresses therapists’ need to stay balanced and how the framework of DBT facilitates that balance.
  • “Reflecting on DBT Assumptions about Patients and Therapy” – This feature from Vibh Forsythe Cox, PhD discusses the role of eight assumptions for DBT therapists in organizing their behavior toward their clients, and will help you get a better understanding of what DBT is.
  • We have curated these materials for you as a quick introduction to DBT for your own understanding or to pass along to administrators who may see value in DBT for your organization. When you sign up to receive these materials, you will get a follow-up email with links to all of the resources, and you will begin to get access to our weekly event updates and blogs so you can continue learning about DBT.
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