Learning Management System

Learning Management System


I submitted my homework, but it is not showing up in the BTECH Learning Management System (LMS). How do I know if my homework has been received?

After uploading your assignment into the LMS, you should see the date of your submission as well as the file name. The “Status” at the bottom of the Homework Submission Portal should indicate – “Status: Under Review”. The review process is done manually by a BTECH staff member so it may take some time for your assignment to be reviewed – as a result, your status will not be automatically updated immediately upon submission.

I did not complete my homework by the course access deadline. Is there any way to extend my access so I can submit my homework?

The standard access to all instructor-led LMS courses is 1 month from the last training session date with the exception of the DBT Foundational Training which will expire 6 months from the last training session date. To extend the LMS course access beyond the standard allotted time, participants may submit a request and pay a $45 fee for an extension of course access. The course access extension period is fourteen (14) days from the date the request is granted. Course participants are only eligible for one extension per course. Course extensions may only be requested within six (6) months of the original date of course expiration. At the time of the extension request, participants are responsible for ensuring their schedule is sufficiently cleared in order to complete any remaining course requirement(s) within the allotted course access extension period. To request an extension, click here, add the item to your cart and checkout. You will receive an email notifying you when your extension begins and ends.

How do I submit my homework?

To submit your homework, please log into your account and refer to the Homework Instructions & Electronic Files section in your course materials. Instructions for uploading homework to the submission portal are included there.

I submitted the wrong homework file. How do I resubmit my homework?

If you are not able to re-upload your submission into the LMS, please attach your homework assignment and email it to CE@behavioraltech.org. Please make sure that the training title and the dates of the training you had attended is included in the email body.

I completed all of the training requirements, why is the course still marked as incomplete?

The course completion rate or the percent completed that is listed in a participant’s LMS course does not accurately reflect their completion status of the course. This is true in regards to the those who participate in the DBT Intensive Training, since only the Team Lead should be submitting all the Team’s homework assignments, which means that the completion rate of the Team Lead and that of the other team members would differ.

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