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Chats with Trainers: Effectively Navigating Challenges in DBT Phone Coaching

Phone coaching is one of the primary modes of DBT, involving the therapist’s availability to provide clients with skills coaching between
sessions. Most of the time, phone coaching is quite effective and can be navigated smoothly. At times, however, clinicians encounter
challenges with this mode of DBT, such as clients who aren’t willing to talk about skills, clinicians who stay on the phone too long, calls
deviating into an individual therapy on the phone format, and so forth. This group consultation will occur in a question-focused seminar
format, focusing on questions participants have about how to effectively navigate some common challenges in phone coaching in DBT.


Learning Objective
As a result of this event participants will be able to conceptualize and begin to use some key principles and strategies to navigate challenges and make phone coaching more effective.


Virtual Meeting Details
Date: June 11th, 2020  (Please note registration will close 24 hours before the event.)
Time: 11:00am – 12:00am Pacific / 2:00pm – 3:00pm Eastern
Meeting Duration: 60 minutes
Registration Fee: $75.00


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About Small Group Consultations with DBT Experts
This session is one of our “Small Group Consultations with DBT Experts” within the Chats with Trainers series. We will address specific questions that are commonly faced in delivering DBT. This format is designed to focus on a specific question in a group consultation format with a maximum of 8 participants. This small, more intimate group setting led by our expert Behavioral Tech Trainers will allow for a deep exploration of the particular challenge at hand. Please note, CE credits will not be offered.


Alexander Chapman, PhD, R.Psych

Burnaby, BC (Canada) Alexander L. Chapman, PhD, R.Psych, Professor and Clinical Science Area Coordinator in the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University (SFU), is a Registered Psychologist and the President of the DBT Centre of Vancouver. Dr. Chapman received his B.A. (1996) from the University of British Columbia and his M.S. (2000) and Ph.D. (2003) in clinical psychology from Idaho State University, following an internship at Duke University Medical Center. He completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Marsha Linehan (founder of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) at the University of Washington. Dr. Chapman directs the Personality and Emotion Research Laboratory at SFU, where he studies the role of emotion regulation in BPD, self-harm, impulsivity, and other behavioral problems. He has published numerous scientific articles and chapters on these and other topics and has given many scientific conference presentations on his research. He is a PI on two large Canadian Institute of Health Research funded grants for multi-site studies, one of which investigates the effects of an abbreviated (6 month) versus a standard (12 month) course of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Dr. Chapman also is on the editorial board for Personality Disorder: Theory, Research & Treatment, and Journal of Personality Disorders, and Behavior Therapy, where he was designated Distinguished Reviewer for his contributions. Dr. Chapman is a Fellow of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) and the Canadian Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CACBT). He also serves on the Credentialing Committee of the CACBT. Dr. Chapman is a DBT Trainer and Consultant with Behavioral Tech, LLC. He was board certified in DBT in the first cohort of certified clinicians by the Linehan Board of Certification and also is board certified in CBT by the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies. Dr. Chapman regularly gives local, national, and international workshops and invited talks on DBT and the treatment of BPD, has consulted with and trained clinicians in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K., and trains and supervises clinical psychology students. He has received the Young Investigator’s Award of the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (2007), the Canadian Psychological Association’s (CPA) Early Career Scientist Practitioner Award (2011), and an 8-year Career Investigator Award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. He has written/coauthored 10 books. Three of his self-help books have won the ABCT Self-Help Book Seal of Merit Award. In addition, Dr. Chapman has a black belt and is an assistant martial arts instructor. He also has been practicing zen and mindfulness for several years. Dr. Chapman enjoys cooking, hiking, skiing, and spending time with his wonderful wife and two young sons.


Participation Agreement:

I understand that I, and fellow participants, will engage in an audiovisual discussion of our clinical work, and that it is my responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of what is discussedI agree to maintain strict confidentiality about participant, patient- or client-specific information that may be shared.  I agree to not discuss this information with anyone outside of the discussion, nor say or do anything that compromises the participants’ or patients’ confidentiality. 
I agree to participate in this video-based discussion with an expert DBT consultant, and I will attend this virtual discussion in a private and secure environmentensuring that no one who is not registered for this training can see my screen nor hear the audio.
I understand that BTECH has a strict policy prohibiting audio or visual recording for all aspects of training provided by Behavioral Tech trainings. I recognize and agree that recording without permission may result in a violation of patient confidentiality and may subject me to legal action.
acknowledge that it is an expectation for participants in BTECH events to adopt the agreements that guide DBT consultation teams. I agree to abide by these in my interactions with others involved.
By checking the box in the registration form below, I agree to and accept all terms of this agreement.  


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  • November 8 – 11, 2022: DBT Skills Training: Introduction

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