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Chats with Trainers: Resolving the DBT for SUD Polarity with Dialectical Abstinence

Two main treatment philosophies pervade SUD treatments; Harm Reduction and Abstinence. The skill of dialectical abstinence is away of balancing these treatment polarities. We will discuss the pros and cons of both approaches and ultimately how you can get the best of both.


Learning Objective
Participants will be able to develop a dialectical abstinence plan with their clients.


Virtual Meeting Details
Date: May 28th, 2020
Time: 9:00am – 10:00am Pacific / 12:00pm – 1:00pm Eastern
Meeting Duration: 60 minutes
Registration Fee: $35.00

Zoom Meeting Info: You will receive your Zoom meeting details upon completion of purchase in your order confirmation email titled “Your Behavioral Tech order has been received!” Please email if you do not receive your order confirmation email.

About Topic-Driven Discussions with DBT Experts
This session is one of our “Topic-Driven Discussions with DBT Experts” within the Chats with Trainers series. These discussions will offer a presentation + Q&A format for small groups of 20-25 participants, ideal for those who want to engage in an in-depth, focused conversation with the guidance of the Trainer’s expertise. Please note, CE credits will not be offered.


Randy Wolbert, LMSW, CAADC, CCS

Randy Wolbert, LMSW, CAADC, CCS is a DBT trainer with Behavioral Tech.  Randy has been practicing DBT since 1995 and was a contractual trainer with BTECH since 1998 and transitioned to a full time trainer/consultant in 2015. Randy trains and consults widely throughout the United States and Canada, assisting with several large scale public mental health system implementations. Prior to joining Behavioral Tech full-time, Randy served as Clinical Director of InterAct of Michigan for 25 years, and had responsibility for the clinical and administrative oversite of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), DBT, Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment and outpatient substance abuse. While learning and practicing DBT, he began independent mindfulness practice and later became a Zen student of Marsha Linehan. He has attended numerous Zen retreats. He also is engaged in further study of Zen with Greg Mayers, Rōshi, at Mercy Center of San Francisco. Randy has held mindfulness workshops teaching applications for personal and professional practice in University and clinical settings including Chile and Argentina.  He has also lead several mindfulness retreats (Zen Sesshins). Randy was recognized by Willigis Jaeger as a Zen teacher in 2016 and was confirmed as a Zen teacher (Sensei) in 2018 by Marsha Linehan.  He has been granted permission to take Zen students, give Zen dharma talks, and lead Zen Sesshins. Recently, he authored the chapter, “Modifying behavior therapy to meet the challenge of treating BPD: Incorporating Zen and Mindfulness.” In M. A. Swales (Ed). Oxford Handbook of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Participation Agreement:

I understand that I, and fellow participants, will engage in an audiovisual discussion of our clinical work, and that it is my responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of what is discussedI agree to maintain strict confidentiality about participant, patient- or client-specific information that may be shared.  I agree to not discuss this information with anyone outside of the discussion, nor say or do anything that compromises the participants’ or patients’ confidentiality. 
I agree to participate in this video-based discussion with an expert DBT consultant, and I will attend this virtual discussion in a private and secure environmentensuring that no one who is not registered for this training can see my screen nor hear the audio.
I understand that BTECH has a strict policy prohibiting audio or visual recording for all aspects of training provided by Behavioral Tech trainings. I recognize and agree that recording without permission may result in a violation of patient confidentiality and may subject me to legal action.
acknowledge that it is an expectation for participants in BTECH events to adopt the agreements that guide DBT consultation teams. I agree to abide by these in my interactions with others involved.
By checking the box in the registration form below, I agree to and accept all terms of this agreement.  


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