Behavioral Tech Institute prides itself in providing the highest quality training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy available. We can only offer this to you by providing the most experienced and trainers & consultants in the field of DBT. We honor each one of these individuals for their efforts and dedication to DBT and other empirically-based treatments.



Kimberly Vay, EdD, LPC, CPCS is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Vay is the director of the DBT program at Peachtree Comprehensive Health (Peachtree DBT) in Atlanta, GA, a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Program™. Dr. Vay is the President of the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification™ and a DBT Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician ™. Dr. Vay has also received intensive training in Radically Open DBT(RO-DBT), Prolonged Exposure-DBT for trauma (DBT-PE), DBT-PTSD, DBT protocol adapted for children (DBT-C) as well as Level One and Two of Theraplay® and Group Theraplay®. Dr. Vay also has experience as a supervisor, Clinical Director, and Program Director.
Prior to working in the outpatient setting, Dr. Vay worked in education as a Department Chair of the Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support Program (GNETS) before transitioning to the residential setting where, in addition to providing clinical care, she served in several roles and assisted with the development of an Experiential DBT Day Program. While working in the residential facility, Dr. Vay lead the team in becoming the first residential treatment center to become a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Program™.
In addition to being a DBT Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician ™, Dr. Vay is an experienced speaker who has presented at multiple professional conferences and facilitate training for clinicians, residential treatment staff, educators, and parents. She is passionate about DBT education and the effective practice of DBT, outside of clinical settings.