New York, NY (United States

Christine Foertsch, PhDChristine Foertsch, PhD, has been learning, delivering, and teaching Dialectical Behavior Therapy for almost 30 years.  In 1994, she completed postdoctoral training at the New York Presbyterian Hospital in Westchester County, NY, where Marsha Linehan had just spent a sabbatical. teaching DBT to the staff, applying DBT to the patients there, and completing the seminal book on DBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder.


Dr. Foertsch trained nationally and internationally for the Behavioral Technology Transfer Group (B-Tech) for over 20 years, consulting to individual practitioners, programs and hospitals, and entire state systems. In 1998, she developed and led a DBT Day Treatment Program in a large urban hospital setting, treating complex and high-risk patients in a fast paced and demanding environment. She taught and worked there until 2002, when she became the mom of twins.  Since then, Dr. Foertsch has developed a private practice on the Upper West Side of New York City where she continues to learn to do DBT from every patient she sees.