Denise D. Ben-Porath, PhDDenise Ben-Porath, PhD, earned her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Kent State University. She is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at John Carroll University in Cleveland Ohio. Her research interests are in the area of DBT and its application to borderline personality disorder and eating disorders. Dr. Ben-Porath also has had over 20 years of experience as a DBT practicing clinician with difficult-to-treat, multi-diagnostic individuals, including but not limited to those diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety/depression, eating disorders, personality disorders. As a seasoned clinician and researcher, her experience of applying DBT to various treatment settings extends to residential settings, day treatment programs, inpatient units, VA hospitals, correctional facilities, community mental health centers, and private practice settings.  She has provided numerous trainings both national and internationally on dialectical behavior therapy and is the author of over 30 publications. Her most recent publications include “Dialectical behavioral therapy: an update and review of the existing treatment models adapted for adults with eating disorders” and “Physical Health-Related Counseling Issues: Eating Disorders, Elimination Disorders, and Chronic Illness/Disability Counseling”.