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Aug 21, 2023 | BTECH Blog

Earlier this year, we shared that Behavioral Tech – alongside the rest of the world – took an opportunity to reflect as we encountered, lived, and worked through the COVID-19 pandemic. This period of time required almost everyone, everywhere to reinvent the way they do business.

During that time, we prioritized having conversations with the DBT community and our key stakeholders. We learned how the community’s needs were evolving. We asked ourselves what we needed to do to ensure that we were truly carrying out our mission in a changing landscape.

We have been hard at work behind the scenes making adjustments to better serve.

Providing DBT training for clinicians will continue to be at the heart of what we do. Our expanded network of partnerships means that we can facilitate DBT reaching more clinicians around the world.

We commit to being mission-focused, with equity and service at the forefront. With all that in mind, we are excited to announce updates that will allow us to rise to this new future we all find ourselves in, meeting new challenges.

Behavioral Tech will now be known as Behavioral Tech Institute

You can still call us BTECH. However, as Behavioral Tech Institute, we have completed our move to 501c3 nonprofit status. This allows us to make sure that our mission is at the core of everything we do. It allows us to reach new communities that want to support DBT whether or not they have a need for training themselves. We strive to be collaborative leaders in growing the DBT community worldwide, and this is part of that journey.

Behavioral Tech Institute (BTECH) has a new look!

As we considered the diversity of the populations we serve, the populations our worldwide affiliates serve, and the populations the DBT community as a whole hopes to serve in the future, we knew that equity needs to be a driver for us. As part of that, we needed to update our look to reflect the equity we want to foster.

We are proud to reveal our new logo! We want to thank all those who provided input on what they wanted the design to represent as well as the design itself.  BTECH’s new logo is a symbol of a whole community and the direction we are headed in together.

BTECH’s website is getting an upgrade

As the world started working remotely the last couple of years, we saw a greater need to be nimble in our service. This meant taking a look at our internal systems, but also the website that you use. We want it to be easier to stay up to date with what you need. This is a work in progress, but that work has begun, and we are proud to reveal the first step in that process now.

Although there will continue to be improvements in the months and years ahead, being more user-friendly in our service and processes is something we are committed to start doing today. We will keep you updated on other improved features as they are launched. For today, we invite you to explore our website to get familiar and see what BTECH can do for you.

André Ivanoff, President and Board Chair of BTECH, shares, “These changes we are sharing today are years in the making. The world of DBT has continued to grow and evolve naturally over time, and the last few years made us all consider how to adapt in a world that went remote. As so many people in the DBT community did, we made a conscious effort to start more conversations during that time, and we saw some clear ways that we could update how we do business and how we communicate for the better. Today is about sharing the progress while also recognizing that BTECH’s mission remains the same.”

Matt Macklin, Interim CEO of BTECH, adds, “This is an exciting time for BTECH. After all the work we’ve done in recent years to create an open dialogue with both key constituents and the DBT community at large, we are eager to make sure that the way we move forward is in line with what the world needs from us. We have felt the momentum building internally, and now is the time to reflect the discussions we have had in the way we operate.”

From all of us at BTECH, we are excited about the future and about making it easier to shepherd our mission. We are thrilled that you are part of this journey with us.



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