Introducing our Interim Executive Director, Matthew Macklin!

Mar 6, 2023 | BTECH Blog

This is an exciting year for Behavioral Tech Institute (BTECH). In the last couple of years, as we navigated a global pandemic alongside the rest of the world, we made it a point to stay connected to the DBT community and find out what is needed from us as we all evolve into our next phase.

In the process, we actively solicited feedback, and because of that we received more feedback than we ever have. We asked “Why DBT?” We received hundreds of responses that showed us what DBT means to practitioners, our affiliates, researchers, patients, their friends and family, and our own team. We do not want everything we have learned from the DBT community in these past couple of years to go to waste.

In the background, we have been working on making updates and upgrades and incorporating some of the great ideas we have heard in the last couple of years. We want to make sure that we are doing what is truly needed in this world of DBT.

With all of this happening, this has been a natural time for a handover of leadership. CEO Holli Harris is passing the baton to the next leader to bring BTECH into the future.

We are happy to introduce Matthew Macklin as the Interim Executive Director of BTECH beginning March 10. Matt comes to us from the Valtas Group, which specializes in guiding leadership transitions ​​​for social enterprises.

Matt has served many years in the post-acute care operations and regulation arena in Washington State and throughout the United States. He is former President of the Stratagem Connection, a healthcare consulting organization — servicing healthcare and community providers in four states on subjects such as finance, fiscal management, operation efficiency, regulatory compliance, and clinical operation correction.

Matt is a licensed Attorney in Washington, an MBA, an experienced business owner, and a former executive. For 15+ years, Matt has been leading teams in healthcare and is well positioned to guide us into BTECH’s next phase.

André Ivanoff, President and Board Chair of BTECH, shares, “Matt brings solid legal and healthcare expertise that will help BTECH move forward in its mission to train clinicians to meet the needs of the 1.5 billion estimated individuals who would benefit from DBT.”

As Interim Executive Director, Matthew will work with the Board on its role in the organization and expansion of directors as well as setting a renewed focus on significantly increasing the number of practitioners willing and able to treat clients. Matthew will be at the helm as we evolve in ways that bring greater depth to our offerings, take advantage of evidence on learning and implementation, and make use of new training technologies.

We are gearing up for an even brighter future, shaping the international reach of DBT with all of our stakeholders, including our clients, trainers, staff, international Affiliates, and Ambassadors from across the world.


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