Saying a Fond Farewell to Holli Harris

Mar 2, 2023 | BTECH Blog

The last couple of years has required almost everyone, everywhere to reinvent the way they do business. With health and safety taking the highest priority, the whole world worked remotely during the pandemic. It gave us an opportunity to reflect, to check in with each other, and to make sure we were getting to the core of how we could support and serve each other.

For Behavioral Tech Institute (BTECH), we have never had more conversations with the DBT community and our key stakeholders to find out what we all truly needed than we did in the last two years. In order to be there for our community in these unfamiliar circumstances, we realized – as so many organizations did – that we had to keep evolving to meet your needs.

BTECH is at a turning point in our evolution that demands we rise to a new future, meeting new challenges. We are at a healthy place and working toward a number of exciting developments to better enable us to train clinicians in DBT and foster the growth of the DBT community worldwide.

CEO Holli Harris has been our fearless leader since mid-2018, beginning as a consultant and moving into the Executive Director then CEO role later that year. Fueled by a passion for BTECH’s mission, what began for Holli as a short-term leadership role evolved into 4+ years of shepherding BTECH through strengthening finances, increasing efficiency, adding dedicated members to the BTECH family, and collaborating with our trainers and affiliates to offer new joint trainings that reach new audiences. She also navigated us through the pandemic and multiple complex strategic issues.

André Ivanoff, President and Board Chair of BTECH, shares, “We are incredibly thankful and indebted to Holli for her leadership and direction, including navigating the pandemic and other challenges during this time. Under Holli’s leadership, BTECH has a fresh start and is well-equipped to enter its next phase. We are grateful to her for contributing her expertise to our mission.”

Holli adds, “I valued using every bit of my business expertise to solidify BTECH’s ability to get DBT training out into the world while working alongside dedicated team members who have become like family. As someone who is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, learning about the DBT model with its dialectical stance from the experts in the field was transformative and truly a privilege.”

Holli has never lost sight of the future for BTECH. As Holli has been at the helm, communicating with stakeholders, building the team, and gathering information, she has illuminated the ways we can do what we are doing better for the sake of the DBT community. As we now embark on the next phase, it is a natural turning point to hand over the reins to new interim leadership. Holli is ready to pass the baton to the next leader.

We are grateful to Holli for her efforts that have laid the foundation for what is ahead.

Read here for our next update, in which we introduce Matthew Macklin, who will serve as our Interim Executive Director. Matt comes to us from the Valtas Group, which specializes in guiding leadership transitions ​​​for social enterprises.

Holli will be working to onboard Matt through March 10th. We wish her well in her next adventure and are excited to enter the next phase of BTECH’s lifecycle.


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